Pancho's Story

A tribute to our child - and a look into how he mysteriously disappeared while in the hands of a dog-sitting business


Picked up as a stray

Pancho was a black lab mix that we met in August 2020. He was picked up as a stray near Lufkin in East Texas and ended up with the DFW Lab Rescue. He was 32 lbs with an eye infection, ear infection, and several other issues. He went to a foster family that nurtured him up to 40 lbs and that’s when we met him.

Pancho staring
Pancho standing

Upon meeting Pancho, we knew right away that we were supposed to love him forever. At first, he was scared of everything and everyone. We knew this was from having a tough life before us and we vowed to never let him suffer again. Over the next few months, we built up his confidence and his body. Pancho became strong, confident, and incredibly happy.

Pancho loved playing fetch and was very good at it. He was an excellent swimmer and he was obsessed with stalking squirrels. He loved every dog he ever met. He proudly walked around the parks of Turtle Creek in Dallas. After a short while, everyone seemed to know Pancho.

Most of all, Pancho was our boy. Our son. Our friend. Without children of our own, Pancho was our only child and we loved him tremendously. We will miss him forever.

Pancho standing

The Truth

Watch this video to learn the truth about Pancho’s disappearance.


Facts about Wendy Strawser and Michael Hamill

Facts About The Day Pancho Went Missing


We were fortunate to obtain security video footage from several of Wendy Strawser’s neighbors. We have video showing her house for the entire day of May 27th, 2021. For transparency, we have uploaded all of these videos to Youtube. There is well over 20 hours of video. Please feel free to watch these videos for yourself.

Using these videos, we compiled a timeline that describes the day that Pancho mysteriously disappeared. We also selected the most important clips and created a single video that tells the story of that day. You can watch that video here.

May 27th 9:23AM

Wendy Strawser arrives at her home, 820 Blue Scope Lane in Dallas, after picking up Pancho and several other dogs. It’s worth noting that Wendy Strawser had six large dogs in her car at the same time, an obvious safety issue.

May 27th 10:37AM

Wendy Strawser takes 5 dogs on a walk. She leaves her house and turns north on her street, Blue Scope Lane. Pancho is NOT on this walk. Watch the videos.

May 27th 10:50AM

After a short 13 minute walk, Wendy Strawser returns home with the same five dogs.

May 27th 11:17AM

Michael Hamill takes four dogs on a walk. This is allegedly the walk when Pancho “slipped his leash and ran into the woods”, according to Wendy and Michael. However, Pancho is ABSOLUTELY NOT on this walk


  1. Main Video - This 15 minute video shows the facts for the day that Pancho disappeared. Watch
  2. This video shows Wendy Strawser arriving back home after picking up Pancho and several other dogs. You can see them unload the dogs and take Pancho inside. Watch on YouTube
  3. In this video, you can see the beginning of Wendy’s walk. She walks five dogs, none of which are Pancho Watch on YouTube
  4. This video shows the beginning of Wendy’s walk from a camera located to the south of her home. Watch on YouTube
  5. This video shows Wendy towards the end of her walk, from the south camera. She has the same five dogs. Watch on YouTube
  6. In this video, you can see Michael Hamill at the beginning of his walk with four dogs. This is the walk when Pancho allegedly ran away. However, as you can clearly see, Pancho was never on this walk. Watch on YouTube
  7. This video shows Michael Hamill towards the end of his walk with the same four dogs. Despite Pancho allegedly running away during this walk, Michael has no urgency to get home. Watch on YouTube
  8. This is a second angle of Michael Hamill towards the end of his walk. Watch on YouTube
  9. This video shows Wendy and Michael putting several dogs into Wendy’s vehicle so that she can take them back to their homes. Remember, Pancho is allegedly missing during this time. Watch on YouTube
  10. This video might give you the chills. You’ll see Michael Hamill doing something around his truck before he gets in and drives towards a well known dumping ground, just moments before we arrive at his house. He was gone for less than five minutes. Why was he in such a rush? What was he possibly putting in his truck? Watch on YouTube


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